Blurred COVR in use Photos taken with COVR on an iPhone 6

Capture what’s real.

Take photos and video while holding your phone like you would a TV remote, allowing you to capture natural, candid scenes without ruining the moment.

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Black COVR iPhone 6 case

As for practical use – this case is awesome – whether I’m shooting landscape or portrait, to get some really natural photos of family without them realizing their photo is being taken. All people react differently the moment a lens is in front of them – the COVR case eliminates that awkwardness.

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Play video - Why we made the COVR Photo lens case

Watch this video to learn why we created the COVR Photo lens case

Guy taking a picture with his COVR iPhone lens case

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COVR iPhone 6 Lens Case Features

  • Prism lens with high-grade optics
  • Shock absorbent rubber core and a hard outer shell gives your iPhone 6 the durability and protection you want without the bulk and weight you don’t.
  • Slide housing unit allows you to shoot with the COVR Lens or slide the COVR Lens back and shoot pictures or video with your regular iPhone camera lens.
  • Easier to Hold & Shoot – Take pictures holding your phone the same way you would hold a remote control.
White COVR iPhone 6 lens case

Images taken with COVR Photo

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