Blurred COVR in use Photos taken with COVR on an iPhone 6

Capture what's real.

Take photos and video while holding your phone like you would a TV remote, allowing you to capture natural, candid scenes without ruining the moment.

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As for practical use - this case is awesome - whether I'm shooting landscape or portrait, to get some really natural photos of family without them realizing their photo is being taken. All people react differently the moment a lens is in front of them - the COVR case eliminates that awkwardness.

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Play video - Introducing the COVR lens case for iPhone 6

Watch this video to learn more about why we created the new COVR Photo iPhone 6 lens case.

Guy taking a picture with his COVR iPhone lens case

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Congratulations to amateur photographer Michal Koralewski who won 1st place in the 2014 Time Magazine iPhone Photography Awards using a COVR Photo lens case.

Sounds of the Old Town photo

Sounds of the Old Town - by Michal Koralewski

COVR iPhone 6 Lens Case Features

  • Prism lens with high-grade optics
  • Shock absorbent rubber core and a hard outer shell gives your iPhone 6 the durability and protection you want without the bulk and weight you don't.
  • Slide housing unit allows you to shoot with the COVR Lens or slide the COVR Lens back and shoot pictures or video with your regular iPhone camera lens.
  • Easier to Hold & Shoot - Take pictures holding your phone the same way you would hold a remote control.
White COVR iPhone 6 lens case

Images taken with COVR Photo

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Seattle area based COVR Photo is celebrating the Seattle Seahawks going to the Super Bowl and The Seattle Seahawks 12th Man fans by offering 12% off of the COVR Photo Lens Case for the iPhone 5/5s. The COVR Photo Lens Case is a protective case for your iPhone that has a camera lens built into it allowing you to take candid natural pictures of people places by holding your iPhone at your waist. This week only you can get 12% off your COVR 5 order. Enter code: “12thman” on the checkout page, to receive the discount. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @covrphoto and our COVR Facebook page to get an inside peek of whats happening at Super Bowl XLVX from a Seattle Seahawks player’s experience through his COVR Photo Lens Case pictures. *Promo code only applies to the COVR Photo 5 Lens Case and not the COVR Photo 6 and COVR Photo 6 Plus Lens Cases due out soon

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We have been amazed at the response from people all over the world who are excited about the COVR Photo Lens Case for iPhone. The press coverage has been overwhelming: WIRED Magazine, CNET, Geekwire, the Los Angeles Times, Cult of Mac, and more! The other day we were excited to see that Italian tech site posted a link to a review. We receive orders for COVR cases from all over the world, so we are very pleased that one of the biggest Italian tech sites picked us up. You can read the article here. If your Italian translation skills are limited to what’s on the Olive Garden menu, here’s what our new friends at had to say: COVR arrives, the angled lens for iPhone Photographing people with an iPhone has become an art form, and one of the requirements for a good portrait is that the subject seems natural. The problem is that, when people know they are being photographed, they immediately stop doing what they’re doing and they pose for the picture, ruining everything. Now, thanks to Thomas Hurst, photojournalist and lover of street photography, we have COVR. It is a particular cover for iPhone with a built-in lens. This allows you to hold the iPhone horizontally, like a TV remote control, or as if you were writing a text message. This way you can take pictures of your subjects without them noticing. Obviously Hurst is aware that there are issues of privacy, but the same problem presented itself (although it now appears […]

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Last week I shared the exciting news that we were able to ship a limited number of COVR Photo cases. This week I get to share that we are anxiously awaiting the next, and much larger production run of both prisms and cases. The larger run of prisms began yesterday and while the larger production run of cases isn’t moving as quickly, it shouldn’t be that much farther behind. These next runs will allow us to assemble, package and ship 500 COVR Photo cases to our first supporters and customers. I know everyone is anxious for their case and I am grateful that all of you have been so gracious and understanding throughout the process and delays. Once the first run of 500 has been produced we will keep rolling out cases and shipping them as quickly as possible. This has been an incredible journey from the moment we hit the “launch” button on Kickstarter and we are very close to reaching the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for walking with us through all the ups and downs. As always, please let us know if you have any further questions. Thomas Hurst Founder & President – COVR Photo Important Links Contact Us: Know Us: Like Us: Tweet Us: Share with Us:

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