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Italian Site Reviews COVR Photo

We have been amazed at the response from people all over the world who are excited about the COVR Photo Lens Case for iPhone. The press coverage has been overwhelming: WIRED Magazine, CNET, Geekwire, the Los Angeles Times, Cult of Mac, and more!

The other day we were excited to see that Italian tech site posted a link to a review. We receive orders for COVR cases from all over the world, so we are very pleased that one of the biggest Italian tech sites picked us up.

You can read the article here.

If your Italian translation skills are limited to what’s on the Olive Garden menu, here’s what our new friends at had to say:

COVR arrives, the angled lens for iPhone

Photographing people with an iPhone has become an art form, and one of the requirements for a good portrait is that the subject seems natural. The problem is that, when people know they are being photographed, they immediately stop doing what they’re doing and they pose for the picture, ruining everything. Now, thanks to Thomas Hurst, photojournalist and lover of street photography, we have COVR. It is a particular cover for iPhone with a built-in lens. This allows you to hold the iPhone horizontally, like a TV remote control, or as if you were writing a text message. This way you can take pictures of your subjects without them noticing. Obviously Hurst is aware that there are issues of privacy, but the same problem presented itself (although it now appears that no one remember) with the first camera phones. Hurst says: “COVR is a tool for parents, grandparents, friends, professionals and aspiring photographers used to capture moments of the world around us.” To order visit


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